Make it!

To manage a factory's production, ensuring that products are assembled correctly on the conveyor belt within the set time.


This game has 5 levels. You have to be successful at each stage to move higher. The level of difficulty rises as you progress. You will be required to build the following: Level 1: Mobile phone; Level 2: Teddy bear; Level 3: Laptop; Level 4: Coffee kettle; and Level 5: Machboos cans.

The challenge of the moving conveyor belt is to create a product from scratch! Only the basic mould of a product is given. Using the different components available on the "Loader trays", each product has to be assembled perfectly. Parts that are placed incorrectly or fall down on the belt will result in penalties.

There is a time limit for each product to be assembled before it rolls out of the other end. Unfinished goods will lead to further penalties.

Warning: it gets faster and tougher! Every level adds more elements in the manufacturing process and incorporates challenging workflows.


The player uses the arrows on the keyboard to move the "mechanical arm" to pick up things and drop them on the right part. The arm can move sideways as well.


In a simple yet interesting way, the game demonstrates the creativity and ingenuity required in the manufacturing industry.


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