To direct the cargo containers dispatched from the factory to their destination at the airport/sea port/trucks within the set time.


Each cargo container is colour coded and should only reach the matching colour coded end-point. Wrong or mismatched deliveries will be penalized with a reduction of available time to 5 seconds. The container will also be sent back to the original starting point.

Perfect deliveries made within time will enable players to progress to the next level. Every level will have more number of containers and more complicated delivery routes that need to be delivered in the set time.


The roadmap for deliveries is tricky. There are access points all around the route that help the player to direct the containers to the required end-point. These arrow-shaped gates point in the available directions when clicked on. The player has to decide which direction would be the best. An arrow pointing in the wrong direction will mean the container has to take a longer route, losing time and possible reaching the wrong destination.


This game demonstrates the exciting world of Logistics in a simple but dynamic and interactive way. The skills one needs to play this game are similar to the ones that are needed in the industry - alertness, planning, co-ordination, quick thinking and geographical knowledge.

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